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"David’s lion Wristy Buddy is just as cute as the owl. It is made of a terry material, and it is perfect for my little cuddle-bug. Many times I found him with his lion just by his cheek (instead of in his mouth) because he just wanted to feel it against his skin. I told you- instant love!"    Dory Doyle of the The Doyle Dispatch http://doyledispatch.com/

"Great for my son who wants to chew on everything but doesn't yet have consistent aim and dexterity to hold teether with fingers. This improves his leverage and assures that he won't drop it!"


"We love this teether! And teethers are something we have a lot of! So it's neat! This one is different in a good way."

"This product is excellent for babies that want to put everything in their mouth. Instead of sucking on his arm, now my son sucks on this wristband. He plays with the teether attachment, he just loves it. And it doesn't seem to bother him at all wearing it on his arm all day. Machine washable. Highly recommend."

"Very cute. I have other things like this that were gifted to me, but my daughter seemed to like this one the best because it made that crinkly noise she loves."

"It stays on their arm so you don't have to keep picking it up and putting it in front of them!"



"I really like the idea of having a teether that can be placed on the wrist of your teething baby.  No more teethers falling on the dirty ground.  No more "where did that teether go" thoughts." ~ From the blog "Mommy Life with Marya"

"Teething for an infant is such a hard time, they cry, drool, some get fevers and every single one of my kids chewed on EVERYTHING. My youngest started teething at 3 months, which was way too young to hold onto teething rings and play with toys. I kept finding that she would chew on her fist to “teeth” and it would gag her, luckily the Wristy Buddy was around to help her teeth. It's very simple to use: just slide the fabric sleeve over the babies wrist and it's secured from falling and getting dirty."  ~Three Little Thinkers Blog

"With Wristy Buddy, babies will not only have a toy to play with but also have something that gives them relief during the painful stage of teething."  Perception & Inspiration Blog


"What a smart idea! Designed by a mom, the Wristy Buddy is a handy little teether that can be worn right on babies wrist. It is ideal for infants who have started to teeth but do not yet have the skill needed to hang on to a toy, or for all those times you want to avoid baby dropping their teether on the dirty floor (wait, that’s all of the time!). From Brenna Jondal @  Mothering.com"


"I just wanted to thank you and let you know what a great product this is! My 3 1/2 month old was unable to hold on to regular teethers and would chew his shirt sleeve so much that the entire sleeve would be soaked within an hour. This protects the shirt, allows him to chew, and also provides a toy to occupy him! Good luck to you in getting this product out there commercially!" ~ Mallory